Professional Resume Story: Money well spent!

There is a new career waiting with your name on it, but your resume is in bad shape.

After a quick review, Recruiters make extremely quick disposition decisions. In a nice way I am saying is, “Resumes poorly written are filed. Most recruiters have subconsciously trashed it.”  Also candidates who apply several dozen times with the same poorly written resume, recruiters see you, but they will not push to hire you! Recruiters are strategic in hunting the best fit for the employer. In addition, they are working against the clock for the best hire. Now just take a moment and picture yourself as piece of 90 second piece of paper. Career stories are essential for our livelihood and well being. Therefore are you equipped with the essentials to concisely write your career story? What if you are a new graduate and do not have a career story. Can you convince an employer to hire you? Perhaps you are in transition or retired, but struggle in determining which careers suit you. At KTC we have current tools and insider recruitment news. More so, the power in helping you get noticed and hired! Hire us today for career consultation and resume storytelling.

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