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So you’ve had the interviews, but now wondering why Recruiters are not following up to make an offer. Chances are great, It’s because, you failed at self presentation. Are you tired of applying for careers over and over with no luck? Perhaps you are struggling with these questions:

  1. “Why can’t I find a job?
  2. I’m qualified, but not hired why?
  3. What is wrong with me?
  4. I have been an administrative assistant for 5 years, what other position do I qualify for?

Please understand that, you’re the best actor in your life, especially when career hunting is evolved. When in doubt hire KTC (Key The Careerologist). Therefore you will land the career or contract of your desires.

We will dissect and decipher the following in your job search.

  1. Is your experience enough?
  2. The resume must be up to par.
  3. Did you follow the onboarding process correctly?
  4. Did you practice ahead of time?
  5. Do you lack clarity?

Did you make a great first impression in the interview? Growing up my parents taught me: “Always make a good impression when meeting someone new. We never know when that person will cross our path again. Most importantly who we’d need in the future.”

Don’t forget to contact KTC (Key The Careerologist) for career readiness results. These candidates did and now they’re ready to excel in their careers.

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