Can a College Degree Contribute to a Smoother On-boarding Process?

A college degree doesn’t define a candidate as the best fit, nor does it guarantee a smoother onboarding process. Please note the two are completely different. There’s a tremendous amount of business acumens warranted in hiring the best person. This compliments the onboarding processes. For sake of this conversation let’s focus on, “What makes a candidate or entrepreneur a smooth hire? I’ll share a tidbit with you today. For starters, candidates rather on or in the market, before an interview or business meetup they…

The list below is short and concise. However, we guarantee a candidate’s contribution to a smoother onboarding process is more detailed than realized.

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Candidate’s rather on or in the market, before an interview or business meetup must…

  • Ascertain their resume and cover letter portfolio are top notch. Seek Key The Careerologist for career coaching and resume portfolio needs.
  • Research the organization
  • Research the organizations public financials
  • Know the competitor
  • Assure their most recent career skills are in alignment with the job offer
  • Read positive and negative reviews about the organization
  • Ask smart questions in an interview

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