Seeking a New Career or Entrepreneur Contract Consider the City!

Rather you are in the market for a new career or entrepreneur partnership consider the city. Are you aware of employment rates in cities across the United States? Since 2012 the labor market was 8.12% in 2017 it spiraled down to 4.4%.

Now take into consideration the unemployment data as well. It provides which cities have the highest percent in career opportunities. Also in retrospect which cites do not.

When Career Hunting consider the location, data and facts!

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The list below reflects statical data of low unemployment, high unemployment, large decrease in unemployment and jobless rates percentages. The percent is scale at 4.0%. #considerthedata #beforemoving #checkthedata!

  1. Ames, Iowa: Lowest unemployment rate of 1.9%
  2. El Centro, California: Highest unemployment rate of 18.5%
  3. Ocean City, New Jersey: Had the largest decrease in -1.7% in unemployment
  4. Nashville, Tennessee: Lowest employment rate at 2.7%
  5. Cleveland, Ohio: Had the highest jobless rate at 5.2%
  6. Denver, CO: Had the largest over the year increase in unemployment +1.0%.

However, cities with the largest EMPLOYMENT INCREASES are weighed in percentages .

  1. San Francisco – 4.0% employment increase
  2. Dallas-Irving, Texas: 3.0% employment increase
  3. Lake County- Kenosha County, Illinois/Wisconsin: 2.8% employment increase
  4. Midland, Texas – 9.2% employment increase
  5. Reno, Nevada – 7.2% employment increase
  6. Atlantic City, New Jersey 6.3% employment increase

The cities below had the LARGEST PAYROLL EMPLOYMENT INCREASES, since January 2019!

  1. Chicago – Naperville, Arlington Heights, Illinois: Payroll employment increased by 56,400 new jobs added.
  2. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Payroll employment increased at +141,000 news jobs added.
  3. Dallas – Plano and Irving, Texas: Payroll employment increased by +100,000 jobs added.
  4. Houston, Texase: +83,800

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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