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Learn from KTC ways in getting noticed by your dream employer!

Career hunters are competent on job searching. However, who wants another job? The market is steady and it is becoming tougher for recruiters to headhunt. However, there are qualified candidates with modern skills quietly “on” the market seeking a new endeavor. So these candidates search for new employment after work and on the weekends. They assure their profiles are current in case a recruiter sought them out on LinkedIn.

At some point this type of candidate hits a brick wall. Then stagnation appears, because they are not receiving the type of offers they’d like to pursue. This is where KTC flys in, to save him/her from the stress of career hunting. We like to focus on the following:

  1. Are you applying to the right positions?
  2. Is your resume portfolio customized?
  3. Are you able to ace the interview?
  4. If you are an older candidate, what are your job search strategies?

This is all KTC will share with you today, otherwise we’ll have to charge you. Are you seeking new employment? Are you ready for retirement, but not ready to throw in your employee hat? Visit our Clients Services page to book your KTC service Today!

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