Relocating = Research, a Savvy Resume, Career Search, & Networking!

So you are thinking about relocating, huh. For most people relocation comes with a job search. Or entrepreneurship endeavor. Either way this kind of goal can be time consuming and perplexing. However, it does not have to feel intimidating. KTC can definitely aid in this area, contact us today for a smooth process.

Recently I was offered an opportunity to apply for a position in, Baltimore, Maryland.

The winters are notorious in Maryland…so Phoenix feels comfortable for now. However my eyes are open.

The Recruiter found me on LinkedIn, it was due to my profile. LI is a significant social media site to gain leverage and exposure of such audiences. If a person’s profile is clear and concise.

It will behoove you to keep your LinkedIn profile current. There are several methods in accomplishing a great profile. However obtaining viewers and employer job invites, requires more that just a professional profile.

Key The Careerologist can definitely help you in these areas. So visit our Client Services page and submit your request for assistance!

Back to the purpose of this blog post – “Relocating = Research, a savvy Resume…, Job Search, LinkedIn Profile & Networking!” Check out KTC’s career relocation suggestions below.

First, when career searching, rather across the country or your own neighborhood networking is essential. If you’re introvert now is the time to spread your wings. We are savvy in this area to and can show you how.

When considering a relocation communication with every person you know. Also who they know in this process will behoove you.

Second, please, keep your resume current. Waiting until you’re jobless or need to relocate is a post resume action. Pay someone, like Key The Careerologist (career coach/resume writer) to update or redo a modern resume for you. Because of our experience in Recruitment, HR, and Resume writing we know how to strategize profiles.

Third, its imperative to research the job market in your city of interest. Especially by confirming the ratio of jobs available in your career background. If you are a Forestry/Wildlife Manager, why move to a city where there isn’t a demand for that career? Unless you’re opt for a career change.

Fourth, consider your current employers Global locations for hire. Start there first especially if your annual reviews and workplace relationships are positive.

Respectfully inform your supervisor, first, you are job hunting within the organization. For insider scope help in this area contact Key the Careerologist. Why? This area can be complex and its dependent upon your job status.

There are several more layers on this topic. If you are relocating, need networking assistance, your resume lacks, a better LinkedIn profile, career hunting contact Key The Careerologist today.

…because I’m savvy about your career search and placement from A-Z in the city!