How Much Should You Spend on a Professional Resume or Career Coach?

Sure, a person can write their own resume. However there is an art to it than realized by most people. At KTC we believe excellent resume writers, understand what hiring managers are seeking to read in a resume; in addition, self presentation from a candidate. For starters a resume is more than documenting a chronological timeline of experiences. Also acing an interview requires more than just showing up in a suit. Hire Key the Careerologist and Associates for next level resume writing and career coaching.

How much should an individual pay for a professional resume or career coaching session(s)? The average cost of a professional resume is around $200. Some services are as high as $500 – $1000 or more… Also professional Career Coaching Services range between $75 to$250 per hour. At KTC our rates are competitive! We are partnered with Career Coaches and Resume Guru’s offering engineer expertise in our industry.