Becoming a New Author: Now What?

Becoming a new author is exciting, it is similar to birthing a new baby. For instance, a process and sometimes painful to deliver. A story that was inside of you, but the world could not see it yet. New authors write their stories, launch the book and now what? What do you do with a new book baby?

Join me at the Minnesota Black Authors Expo #KeyBentley

Searching for platforms to share your work can be perplexing at times. They do exist, but not that visible or often. Young authors spend time searching for vendor opportunities to showcase their work. Or connect with networks to host book reviews or meetups, to sale their book baby.

The word is out and your book is picking up sales! This fantastic, a book baby purpose will bless its readers. At least that is the goal. However, what about other diverse authors, have you connected with them, met them or partnered to host a book collaboration? Remember they have a book baby as well.

One thing I’ve learned from my daytime profession as a Human Resources Program Administrator is partnerships drives a goal into beast mode. That is slang for “taking action.” However, regardless of the goals, partnerships drive problems to solutions. For instance, diversity, teamwork, community, and action. However most importantly achieving a common goal.

MBAE (Minnesota Black Authors Expo) October 2019, MBAE is a platform created for self-published authors to collaborate, learn, and promote their work in a safe and family oriented community space. Help me celebrate my cousin Devonna Pittman and friends for establishing an amazing annual book event in the heart of Minneapolis, MN by attending 10/19/2019.