Physical Distancing in the Workplace

What does physical distancing in the workplace look like in Q2 of 2020?

Physical Distancing in the workplace is new to employers and staff worldwide. More than likely this is difficult for many people across the globe. I empathize and to miss hugs, hi-fives, group outings, and a firm handshake. However, during COVID-19, we must maintain a deeper level of social responsibility in society and the workplace. This article from Dr. Cara Christ Director at Arizona Department of Health Services is a good guide on the topic of physical distancing. Feel free to share it with your network.

Be Safe! Be Smart! Be Encouraged!

From Dr. Cara Christ blog

3rd Annual – Minnesota Black Author Expo

Meet me, Saturday, October 19th MBAE 9am to 5pm – at DeLaSalle High School,1 De La Salle Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55401! An event for communities! I hear every year this expo grows larger and larger! 54 Black authors will be in the room sharing their authentic work – novels, fictions, memoirs, self help books, children’s books… A platform for minority authors to showcase their authored book(s). Now how exciting is that! Entertainment, a raffle, guest speakers and a fireside chat for the audience. You don’t want to miss the, well planned, 3rd annual Minnesota Black Author expo! GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!!!!…

Becoming a New Author: Now What?

Becoming a new author is exciting, it is similar to birthing a new baby. For instance, a process and sometimes painful to deliver. A story that was inside of you, but the world could not see it yet. New authors write their stories, launch the book and now what? What do you do with a new book baby?

Join me at the Minnesota Black Authors Expo #KeyBentley

Searching for platforms to share your work can be perplexing at times. They do exist, but not that visible or often. Young authors spend time searching for vendor opportunities to showcase their work. Or connect with networks to host book reviews or meetups, to sale their book baby.

The word is out and your book is picking up sales! This fantastic, a book baby purpose will bless its readers. At least that is the goal. However, what about other diverse authors, have you connected with them, met them or partnered to host a book collaboration? Remember they have a book baby as well.

One thing I’ve learned from my daytime profession as a Human Resources Program Administrator is partnerships drives a goal into beast mode. That is slang for “taking action.” However, regardless of the goals, partnerships drive problems to solutions. For instance, diversity, teamwork, community, and action. However most importantly achieving a common goal.

MBAE (Minnesota Black Authors Expo) October 2019, MBAE is a platform created for self-published authors to collaborate, learn, and promote their work in a safe and family oriented community space. Help me celebrate my cousin Devonna Pittman and friends for establishing an amazing annual book event in the heart of Minneapolis, MN by attending 10/19/2019.

Join Author Key Bentley at the Minnesota Black Expo…

Any Phoenician authors interested in attending, MBAE will honored to see you in the room. I’d love to have there as well! #authorTour! Please register at

Join me at the Minnesota Black Expo on Oct 19, 2019. Visit my booth and learn about the collaboration books I’ve authored in… Bounced Back on Purpose and Best Seller “The Purposed Women – 365 Day Devotional.”


The Minnesota Black Authors Expo is a community event that is family friendly and welcoming to all.

We personally invite and embolden you, the community to continue to fiercly support Black authors and their work. The Minnesota Black Authors Expo is an anticipated event that specifically promotes and supports authors of color and emerging authors. Authors and community come from around the state to show support for this much anticipated event, and you are invited to join us!

Who should attend?

Community members, educators, and lovers of literature. The expo is an engaging and eclectic day focused on literacy, community, literature, youth and authors.

What will I do when I get there?

Network with people you know and of course stop by the tables and meet authors. Most importantly, purchase books!

Are children welcome?

Absolutely, children are our future, and we wouldn’t dare have an event without providing space and content for the youth. Kid friendly events will occur all day long!

Authors Registration:
Writers Bootcamp registration:

Volunteers, we need you! Please email us at

FREE BOOKS FOR THE FIRST 100 REGISTERED Guests must pick up your book at the MBAE Exhibitor table on October 19, 2019.

Tablets and Ipad raffles all day long!!!

Featured Left to Right: Jasmine Boudah Founder & Devonna Bentley-Pittman Co-founder and Hosts of The Minnesota Black Author Exp! Both women are established authors and FIERCE within their crafts!

Jasmine Boudah author of “Mothering Through Pain and Suffering in Silence.” A Collection of Stories From Survivors. Jasmine a graduate of Carleton College and University of Massachusetts Boston, Jasmine taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade social studies in 2012-14 in the Boston Public School District as a Boston Teacher Residency resident.She is deeply passionate about closing the achievement gap for students of color in America and thinking critically about how systematic structures stagnate that process. Additionally, as a mother, she adds a particular interest in parenting and young children. After giving birth, she become inherently more invested in prenatal care, birthing options, postpartum support for mothers and children, literacy, nutrition,parent education, mental and emotional support for mothers, babies and families and prompting breastfeeding in the black community. Jasmine asserts, “Research has shown that there breastfeeding practices has a profound impact on the cognitive development and academic performance. I seek to become more acknowledge on ways to eliminate racial and systematic barriers for children, families and communities of color.” Some of her core principles are revolutionary love, peace, having a growth mindset and foster a village mentality for the advancement of humanity. Bio courtesy of Jamine Boudah.

De’Vonna Pittman is the author of Lyrical Freedoms from the Heart and My Pretty and Its Ugly Truth. She is an entrepreneur, activist, columnist, and activator. In 2016 she co hosted the annual Minnesota Black Authors Expo, focused on reducing educational disparities, supplementing the income of authors of color, and promoting reading and education. 

Pittman has spent two decades in public service and public administration. Her experience is expansive and spans from handling million dollar budgets and managing high level contracts to working with ex-offenders and individuals on probation. She understands the underlying issues that affect every day citizens and is committed to providing leadership and finding solutions to combat them. She believes, by empowering families and individuals we improve literacy and economic stance and ultimately create healthier communities.

With over twenty years of experience working in diverse communities, Pittman understands, responds and reacts to chronic issues that affect human capital, our most important asset. She is a skilled bridge builder, communicator, activator, and strategist. She specializes in providing training for community groups, creating collaborations between community and government, and creating meaningful and influential forums that allow individuals and organizations to thrive.  

Devonna attended Metropolitan State University where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with a focus on Youth Corrections, and the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Law Enforcement Leadership. Bio Courtesy of Devonna Bentley-Pittman.

Be ready for an electrifying, community engagement, family fun and diverse literature from black authors in Minnesota! It will be a blessing to see you in the room, as an author, aspiring author or consumer! Don’t miss this incredible 3rd annual event from MBAE!
Key The Careerologist!

How Much Should You Spend on a Professional Resume or Career Coach?

Sure, a person can write their own resume. However there is an art to it than realized by most people. At KTC we believe excellent resume writers, understand what hiring managers are seeking to read in a resume; in addition, self presentation from a candidate. For starters a resume is more than documenting a chronological timeline of experiences. Also acing an interview requires more than just showing up in a suit. Hire Key the Careerologist and Associates for next level resume writing and career coaching.

How much should an individual pay for a professional resume or career coaching session(s)? The average cost of a professional resume is around $200. Some services are as high as $500 – $1000 or more… Also professional Career Coaching Services range between $75 to$250 per hour. At KTC our rates are competitive! We are partnered with Career Coaches and Resume Guru’s offering engineer expertise in our industry.

Relocating = Research, a Savvy Resume, Career Search, & Networking!

So you are thinking about relocating, huh. For most people relocation comes with a job search. Or entrepreneurship endeavor. Either way this kind of goal can be time consuming and perplexing. However, it does not have to feel intimidating. KTC can definitely aid in this area, contact us today for a smooth process.

Recently I was offered an opportunity to apply for a position in, Baltimore, Maryland.

The winters are notorious in Maryland…so Phoenix feels comfortable for now. However my eyes are open.

The Recruiter found me on LinkedIn, it was due to my profile. LI is a significant social media site to gain leverage and exposure of such audiences. If a person’s profile is clear and concise.

It will behoove you to keep your LinkedIn profile current. There are several methods in accomplishing a great profile. However obtaining viewers and employer job invites, requires more that just a professional profile.

Key The Careerologist can definitely help you in these areas. So visit our Client Services page and submit your request for assistance!

Back to the purpose of this blog post – “Relocating = Research, a savvy Resume…, Job Search, LinkedIn Profile & Networking!” Check out KTC’s career relocation suggestions below.

First, when career searching, rather across the country or your own neighborhood networking is essential. If you’re introvert now is the time to spread your wings. We are savvy in this area to and can show you how.

When considering a relocation communication with every person you know. Also who they know in this process will behoove you.

Second, please, keep your resume current. Waiting until you’re jobless or need to relocate is a post resume action. Pay someone, like Key The Careerologist (career coach/resume writer) to update or redo a modern resume for you. Because of our experience in Recruitment, HR, and Resume writing we know how to strategize profiles.

Third, its imperative to research the job market in your city of interest. Especially by confirming the ratio of jobs available in your career background. If you are a Forestry/Wildlife Manager, why move to a city where there isn’t a demand for that career? Unless you’re opt for a career change.

Fourth, consider your current employers Global locations for hire. Start there first especially if your annual reviews and workplace relationships are positive.

Respectfully inform your supervisor, first, you are job hunting within the organization. For insider scope help in this area contact Key the Careerologist. Why? This area can be complex and its dependent upon your job status.

There are several more layers on this topic. If you are relocating, need networking assistance, your resume lacks, a better LinkedIn profile, career hunting contact Key The Careerologist today.

…because I’m savvy about your career search and placement from A-Z in the city!