Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial by Stephanie Yingling, Manager at ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation)

I was very fortunate to have the incredible opportunity to work with Key closely on career coaching . She  listens carefully and goes to the very heart of what you are trying to accomplish. She has an amazing ability to bring out the best in you. She poses questions that make you think, encourages you to take risks and provides an atmosphere to support growth. I am grateful for having the opportunity to be coached by her.

Stephanie Yingling

It felt nice to have a stranger care about my well-being and employment status.”

A friend suggested I meet with a recruiter which was Key Bentley. So I scheduled an appointment to see if she could help in my job search. I met with Key several times and she critique my resume. More so landed me an interview, quick, with her firms client. 

The interview was with AIM an RV Parts Distributor. As a result of Key’s interview coaching I landed the position as an Office Assistant. As a quick study I wore many hats at AIM and which excelled my career, from Assistant to the Manager, Will Call, Public Relations Assistant and Web Administrator.

This success was just the beginning of my newfound career path. After 3 achievable years employed at AIM, I landed a position with APL Logistics Ltd. APL hired me as an Import Operations Representative. Again, I learned the position quickly. I fell in love with their – behind the scenes – business acumen and leadership power.  

APL Logistics Ltd. is a large scale Global Supply Chain import and export organization. Owned by Kintetsu World Express, Inc., we assure merchant cargo is released and shipped to its correct destinations. Items like cellphones, coffee, vehicles, clothes and many more consumer products…What an important occupation!

My career has evolved and elevated since working at APL. I’ve been promoted to a Managing Logistics Analyst for accounts all over the world! Which is very exciting. I reflect back on meeting Key and the first time I needed her career services. Also when I became hired at AIM Wholesale Distribution Center. During that time she recruited, critique my resume and career coached me. Key’s career services have definitely paid off multiple times over. I highly recommend Key if you are in need of career services. 

Testimonial From Share Lee

Key is the Careerologist to other career and guidance professions! Her investments in education, recruitment, career development, workforce and credentials have made her even more phenomenal. She inquiries and digs deep enough to reveal your creative energy for new concepts. Key’s continued focus on your career goals and/or transition will be based on individualized core strengths. She will produce an effective action plan for a clients advancement.

Be Ready: For a challenge and to be held accountable! However, always through kindness, motivation, and encouragement. Key is a professional, HR, recruitment, organizational, operations and programs administrator. She knows exactly what employers are seeking to achieve when they are expanding their workplace. This knowledge creates high quality outcomes for her clients. Her love of helping candidates and employers along with an innovative skill set is inspiring. You will reach outside your comfort zone, celebrate your career goals, and achievements. Key is the BEST!


Shar Lee