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Gaining Mental Clarity Before Entering the Workforce or Relationships:

Self Help Books Come in Handy!

Sometimes there are hidden skeletons in the lives of abuse victims. That is unknown to the world and those around them. Struggles in dealing with past traumas, abuse and rape leave shackles around its victims’ ankles. If you are a victim of abuse, Psychotherapist’s offer treatments.
The national abuse hotline is 800-656-4613.

This specific topic is important. Incorporating self-help books; in addition, to doctors orders, it’s said to be a beneficial regimen. For example in life as general and before entering a relationship. Especially in career, position of power, promotion or entrepreneur partnership.


Psychology Today reports, “Whether the abuse occurred during childhood or as an adult some people may still struggle with healing.” As if the abuse has just happened. Victims act out a multitude of self-destructive symptoms and sometimes behaviors. What is not discussed often: These symptoms are similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Now let us take into consideration: An employee, a past victim of child or adulthood abuse. This person has entered the workforce without realizing or being diagnosed with PTSD. Per the result of abuse. Sometimes the employee behaves with:

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Trust issues
  • High anxiety
  • Guilt and startled responses

For colleagues, the above behavior is erratic and makes them uncomfortable. In a situation like this, there is not much a coworker can do or predict. Until that dreadful day, something hostile occurs within the office. This is just a quick scenario; however, such behaviors of colleagues go unnoticed in the workplace. Often times it is stated, “Oh she/he is just weird.”

This specific topic is important. Incorporating self-help books; in addition, to doctors orders, it’s said to be a beneficial regimen. For example in life as general and before entering a relationship. Especially in career, position of power, promotion or entrepreneur partnership.

I love 7 – the number of completion – below I have researched 7 reasons incorporating a self-help book is beneficial to you!

  1. Offers a Customized Plan
  2. Helps your family, friends and colleagues to feel good about the steps you are making.
  3. Aids in Entering a Role Model Status
  4. Become Wiser
  5. Anxiety Relief
  6. Motivation
  7. Personal Transformation

I’ve had the honor in writing a chapter in “Bounced Back on Purpose” a self help book.


Bounced back on Purpose is a self help book, that covers various topics from rape, mental abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse and unhealthy relationships. It’s written to display how some authors suffered from PTSD behaviors that trailed from childhood traumas to adult life. However, how they were able to raise from the stereotypical outcomes. This book is a phenomenal source, that can be implemented as a learning tool. Especially for those individuals dealing with past abuse, but do not understand how to cope.

The book launch in Orlando, Florida was rewarding with my goal friends. It was phenomenal celebrating this accomplishment. I appreciate your support and don’t forget to following my business blog for career advice and news!

3/9/2019: Book Release Celebration, Embassy Suites – Orlando, Florida

Presenting my chapter in Bounced Back with a Purpose Book!
Guest Devonna Pittman: practicing raising arms and opening her hands to receive blessings.

Burnt Out With Your Current 9am to 5pm

Learn from KTC ways in getting noticed by your dream employer!

Career hunters are competent on job searching. However, who wants another job? The market is steady and it is becoming tougher for recruiters to headhunt. However, there are qualified candidates with modern skills quietly “on” the market seeking a new endeavor. So these candidates search for new employment after work and on the weekends. They assure their profiles are current in case a recruiter sought them out on LinkedIn.

At some point this type of candidate hits a brick wall. Then stagnation appears, because they are not receiving the type of offers they’d like to pursue. This is where KTC flys in, to save him/her from the stress of career hunting. We like to focus on the following:

  1. Are you applying to the right positions?
  2. Is your resume portfolio customized?
  3. Are you able to ace the interview?
  4. If you are an older candidate, what are your job search strategies?

This is all KTC will share with you today, otherwise we’ll have to charge you. Are you seeking new employment? Are you ready for retirement, but not ready to throw in your employee hat? Visit our Clients Services page to book your KTC service Today!

Seeking a New Career or Entrepreneur Contract Consider the City!

Rather you are in the market for a new career or entrepreneur partnership consider the city. Are you aware of employment rates in cities across the United States? Since 2012 the labor market was 8.12% in 2017 it spiraled down to 4.4%.

Now take into consideration the unemployment data as well. It provides which cities have the highest percent in career opportunities. Also in retrospect which cites do not.

When Career Hunting consider the location, data and facts!

KTC The Careerologist

The list below reflects statical data of low unemployment, high unemployment, large decrease in unemployment and jobless rates percentages. The percent is scale at 4.0%. #considerthedata #beforemoving #checkthedata!

  1. Ames, Iowa: Lowest unemployment rate of 1.9%
  2. El Centro, California: Highest unemployment rate of 18.5%
  3. Ocean City, New Jersey: Had the largest decrease in -1.7% in unemployment
  4. Nashville, Tennessee: Lowest employment rate at 2.7%
  5. Cleveland, Ohio: Had the highest jobless rate at 5.2%
  6. Denver, CO: Had the largest over the year increase in unemployment +1.0%.

However, cities with the largest EMPLOYMENT INCREASES are weighed in percentages .

  1. San Francisco – 4.0% employment increase
  2. Dallas-Irving, Texas: 3.0% employment increase
  3. Lake County- Kenosha County, Illinois/Wisconsin: 2.8% employment increase
  4. Midland, Texas – 9.2% employment increase
  5. Reno, Nevada – 7.2% employment increase
  6. Atlantic City, New Jersey 6.3% employment increase

The cities below had the LARGEST PAYROLL EMPLOYMENT INCREASES, since January 2019!

  1. Chicago – Naperville, Arlington Heights, Illinois: Payroll employment increased by 56,400 new jobs added.
  2. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Payroll employment increased at +141,000 news jobs added.
  3. Dallas – Plano and Irving, Texas: Payroll employment increased by +100,000 jobs added.
  4. Houston, Texase: +83,800

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Can a College Degree Contribute to a Smoother On-boarding Process?

A college degree doesn’t define a candidate as the best fit, nor does it guarantee a smoother onboarding process. Please note the two are completely different. There’s a tremendous amount of business acumens warranted in hiring the best person. This compliments the onboarding processes. For sake of this conversation let’s focus on, “What makes a candidate or entrepreneur a smooth hire? I’ll share a tidbit with you today. For starters, candidates rather on or in the market, before an interview or business meetup they…

The list below is short and concise. However, we guarantee a candidate’s contribution to a smoother onboarding process is more detailed than realized.

KeyTheCareerologist – Blog News! hire us today for career readiness needs!

Candidate’s rather on or in the market, before an interview or business meetup must…

  • Ascertain their resume and cover letter portfolio are top notch. Seek Key The Careerologist for career coaching and resume portfolio needs.
  • Research the organization
  • Research the organizations public financials
  • Know the competitor
  • Assure their most recent career skills are in alignment with the job offer
  • Read positive and negative reviews about the organization
  • Ask smart questions in an interview

Are you struggling with landing a career or entrepreneur partnership? Contact Seek Key The Careerologist for career coaching and resume portfolio services. Click on our Client Services page to schedule an appointment. Click to follow our blog – Key the Careerologist, we’d love seeing you around our site!

Careerologist Blog News

So you’ve had the interviews, but now wondering why Recruiters are not following up to make an offer. Chances are great, It’s because, you failed at self presentation. Are you tired of applying for careers over and over with no luck? Perhaps you are struggling with these questions:

  1. “Why can’t I find a job?
  2. I’m qualified, but not hired why?
  3. What is wrong with me?
  4. I have been an administrative assistant for 5 years, what other position do I qualify for?

Please understand that, you’re the best actor in your life, especially when career hunting is evolved. When in doubt hire KTC (Key The Careerologist). Therefore you will land the career or contract of your desires.

We will dissect and decipher the following in your job search.

  1. Is your experience enough?
  2. The resume must be up to par.
  3. Did you follow the onboarding process correctly?
  4. Did you practice ahead of time?
  5. Do you lack clarity?

Did you make a great first impression in the interview? Growing up my parents taught me: “Always make a good impression when meeting someone new. We never know when that person will cross our path again. Most importantly who we’d need in the future.”

Don’t forget to contact KTC (Key The Careerologist) for career readiness results. These candidates did and now they’re ready to excel in their careers.

Professional Resume Story: Money well spent!

There is a new career waiting with your name on it, but your resume is in bad shape.

After a quick review, Recruiters make extremely quick disposition decisions. In a nice way I am saying is, “Resumes poorly written are filed. Most recruiters have subconsciously trashed it.”  Also candidates who apply several dozen times with the same poorly written resume, recruiters see you, but they will not push to hire you! Recruiters are strategic in hunting the best fit for the employer. In addition, they are working against the clock for the best hire. Now just take a moment and picture yourself as piece of 90 second piece of paper. Career stories are essential for our livelihood and well being. Therefore are you equipped with the essentials to concisely write your career story? What if you are a new graduate and do not have a career story. Can you convince an employer to hire you? Perhaps you are in transition or retired, but struggle in determining which careers suit you. At KTC we have current tools and insider recruitment news. More so, the power in helping you get noticed and hired! Hire us today for career consultation and resume storytelling.